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User Registration FAQ

Email: daikincity@daikincomfort.com. Contact: 1.866.432.4546 Option 6

  1. Looking for an Account ID?:
    1. Contact Your Business Sales Manager (Super User).
    2. Contact Daikin City Support Team for super user information.
    3. Note: Daikin City Account ID is a unique ID for your company to signup in Daikin City. In general Account-ID is 7-8 digit long and starts with ā€˜DCā€™ (DC123456) or ā€˜Aā€™ (A123456). It is not (or associated with) your Customer ID (Financial ID).

  2. Error Message: Duplicate Email Address:
    1. This email is already signed up and cannot register again.
    2. Users who have registered but have not confirmed their email within 4 hours after submitting registration, please check your emails for additional information/verification requirement from Daikin City Support Team.

  3. Error Message: Account Disabled:
    1. User already signed up and awaiting for Daikin City to verify and approve acces.
    2. Please allow Daikin 1 business day to process your profile registration.
    3. User not approved within 1 business day, please check your email for information/verification requirement from Daikin City Support Team.

  4. What is my username and password?
    1. Username is your email address.
    2. Click Forgot Password at sign in page to reset.

  5. How to expedite my approval?
    1. Sign up with Daikin City Account ID.
    2. Provide the associate Daikin Manufacture Reps/ Distributors/Branch.
      1. Notes: Where does your business buy Daikin products?